What is Celeste?

Released at the start of 2018, Celeste was developed by Maddy Makes Games and Extremely OK Games. The game is a simple-on-the-surface platformer, with only 3 main movement options (jump, dash, and climb) for hundreds of increasingly complex screens to progress though. Check out its Steam and Itch.io pages below!

What's it about?

In Celeste, you play as Madeline, a budding mountain climber who aims for the peak. Throughout the story, the game touches on various themes and topics that aren't typically seen in platformers, such as self-doubt and mental health, yet they meld together with the gameplay in such a way that I believe provides an elevated experience to the player.

That is to say, there is a heavy emphasis on personal growth present throughout, which is something you'll need if you want to get through many of the tougher challenges that the devs throw your way.

"Tougher Challenges?"

The B-sides! (And the C-sides, too.)

While the main story of Celeste is composed of a tightly woven series of levels, more experienced players may want to go further with the game's mechanics. In which case, the devs packaged up some alternative levels! Each section of the main game has its own series of spin-offs which while much shorter in length, provide a much more difficult experience (as well as some remixed bgm) for those who wish to attempt them.

They more than doubled the playtime I got out of the game, and I'd heartily recommend them to anyone who enjoyed the initial levels....although you'll probably want to attempt the later ones post-game, once you've gained a bit of experience. Good luck!

The Music

Celeste is home to one of my favourite video game soundtracks of all time, with the majority of the tracks composed by Lena Raine. Her work brings a fantastic atmosphere to the game, and greatly increased my enjoyment of it as a whole due to its inclusion. From the mild piano tracks in the beginning, to the steadily intense background music to Farewell's final level, Raine brought her best to the table and it shows.


• Farewell • Beyond the Heart • Starjump • Confronting Myself •

• Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix) • Area 1 Demo (Bonus Track) •

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