Fire Emblem is fantasy-based tactical RPG series made by Intelligent Systems, and published by Nintendo. The main gameplay of the series typically revolves around managing characters (units) in battles that tend to be vaguely reminiscent of chess. While not battling, however, you often spend time alongside your units, both improving their skills in battle and learning more about them as characters. Typically, games in the series are set in fantasy settings, with your units specialising in magic, wyvern-riding, and more.

Battles consist of moving your units around on a map each turn, and engaging with enemy units. Their class, level, weapon, and stats (though these may vary depending on the game) all go into determining the outcome of the attack. Once your turn ends, the enemy will hit back, moving and attacking similarly to you.

General Stats

Favourite Characters:
Felix (3H)
Leonie (3H)
Lucina (Awakening)
Games played:
Three Houses
Shadows of Valentia
Favourite Classes:
Bow Knight (SOV + 3H)
Sorcerer (Awakening)
Wyvern Rider (3H)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Three Houses was the first game in the series I played, back in around mid-2019. To this day, I'm still incredibly fond of it, and of what it managed to pull off. The multi-route concept was one that appealed to me greatly, as I always love stories that play with different outcomes and "what-if" scenarios. Being able to see different sides to your units depending on your choices throughout a playthrough is still one of my favourite parts of the whole game.

Speaking of the characters: I was really surprised with how compelling many of them were! I think I initially brushed off the series as another anime-styled rpg filled with pretty surface-level character writing (sort of like Persona 5). However, after picking the Golden Deer, and making it through my first playthrough, I fell in love with how the game decided to tell its story through its units.

The premise is also just kinda stupidfunny. Like "Hey heres like 2 dozen random kids. you can teach them how to kill people and then watch what happens when they kill people, if you want. and also you go to war and they have to deal with that too. AND ALSO you're their undersocialised teacher at big pope academy for morally dubious dragons." It's a bit of a fucking mess, but that's kinda why I enjoy it so much.

The game is Very Anime, however, so I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't good at looking past many of the flaws that come with that. We're also not gonna talk about the graphics, because I could be here all fucking day if given the chance to rant about the fruit market textures in the game LMAO.

Despite how much I could criticize it if I had the time, I still have a deep fondness for the game. The mix of incredibly in-depth gameplay (no playthrough is the same), different routes, and surprisingly stellar writing really ties everything together into this fantastic monster truck of a game. Despite playing through the game more than 10 fucking times, I still get the urge to revisit it constantly. If you've got an empty backlog, or a hacked switch, or just have enough money for a new game, I'd highly recommend picking it up! ^_^

Game Stuff

Favourite Characters:
Mini Route Tier List:
1. Crimson Flower
2. Verdant Wind
3. Azure Moon
Favourite Songs:
Tearing Through Heaven
Between Heaven and Earth
God Shattering Star

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