Hi! This is where I keep all the chiptune stuff I've worked on in the past. I know practically zero music theory; I mostly just do this shit as a way to pass the time. However, I thought it'd be a good idea to have an archive of all the stuff I've created over the years. Also, I haven't named pretty much any of these, so enjoy the unmodified file names I'm just keeping as titles LOL

Also, sidenote: all of these were made using either Jummbox or Beepbox. The former is a slightly modified version of the latter, functioning as a free web-hosted DAW. It's incredibly easy to pick up and learn the basics of, and yet it offers a really excellent amount of depth if you want to dig into its full capabilities

Finished Track
Contains link


-jummbox link-

sort of a remix / continuation of the previous one?

-jummbox link-

the mixing on this one isn't perfect and i'm too lazy to fix it since this was mostly just something i made because i was bored. HOWEVER it was still real fun to mess around with the backing of the track, since the original lead is wicked fucking good

this one isn't anything special LOL it's from when I challenged myself to make something in about 10-15 minutes and this is what i managed to come up with





I think this is technically the first thing I ever finished? I don't remember exactly when I started working on it, nor the track below this one, but they were both made around the same time irrc, so I tend to this of this one as the "ohhhh first step into touching some kind of music tool" thing. It's real fun to look back on it though.

-beepbox link-

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