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html + css tools

[Catbox] Free drag & drop file hosting site

[Text-to-HTML] Converts styled text to code

[W3Schools] Loads of CSS + HTML tutorials

[Imagecolourpicker] Grabs hex codes n stuff from any image

[CSS Generator] Self explanatory

[CSS Gradient] Creates CSS code for gradients

[iMood] A fun little mood tracker embed

[CSS Backgrounds] A bunch of backgrounds from Codepen, Github and other resources

visual + image stuff

[ezGIF] world's most awesome online gif editor

[waifu2x] Upsizes images + removes jpeg noise (great for switch screenshots)

[Hekate2] 88x31 Button Maker

[Photomosh] Adds various effects to images

[] Generator for text graphics

[TextureTown] Texture/Tile Collection

[Tiledbgs] Another set of background tiles

[Spriters Resource] Sprite Collections

[Splatoon Graphics] Rips of some graphics from Splatoon 3

piracy stuff

[Free Mp3 Download] Download any song uploaded to most major music distributors

[Khinsider] Video Game + Misc Soundtracks

[] Vocaloid + UTAU + Misc Albums

[Sitting on Clouds] Video Game + Anime Soundtracks

[SFlix] Streaming site

[Vimm's Lair] Emulators, Roms, Manual Scans + More

[3ds.hacks] its 2023 go hack your 3ds already

[Ziperto] Roms for the PS2, PSP, PS VITA, 3DS, Switch, Wii, and more

[watch cartoons online] Another streaming site

misc links

[Beepbox] Open source web-hosted chiptune DAW

[Last.FM] Spotify wrapped but actually good

[Backloggery] Helps you organise and track your game collection

[Yesterlinks] Massive hoard of cool sites

[Death Generator] Various blank textboxes from a bunch of games

[Splashtag Generator] what it says on the box

[Library of Babel] The entire Library of Babel, on a website

[Panther] A fun little music recommendation tool

[crouton] crouton

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