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[10.8.2023] put a bit more work into the new photo page (which is now linked via the camera png in the jungle below)

[9.8.2023] linked a new page to the jungle + added one or two things to a bunch of random pages

[7.8.2023] patched out the old sillay image so it's marx now

[3.8.2023] Added a few more stamps I made into the graphics hoard & threw some more links onto the resources page

[2.8.2023] Joined the Beepbox webring! + Messed with the resource page a bit

[30.7.2023] Made a sitemap page, added more to the Splatoon shrine, and linked the rest of my mutuals' sites in the button hub at the bottom of the homepage! ^_^

[29.7.2023] Added a couple things to the Splatoon shrine, changed up a few page links, and moved a few more files from catbox to neocities

[28.7.2023] New blog entry + threw a link to my kofi at the bottom of the page jic any rich benefactors happen to peruse the site and want to help out LOL

[26.7.2023] Added a status div to the homepage, though i might mess with it a bit later

[24.7.2023] Redid some of the behind-the-scenes stuff for the about page (might help with flexibility re: different screen sizes?) + added some more stuff to the graphics page

[22.7.2023] Finished working on the EOS page! which means all the shrines I planned on making more than half a year ago are finally done. + new blog entry ^_^

[18.7.2023] Messed with the about page a bit (I need to work on making it not less Terrible on different screen sizes at some point LOL) and updated the music page

[16.7.2023] Moved the neocities button pile to the bottom of the homepage, changed up the about page very slightly, implemented the gameclam sponsorship, etc

[12.7.2023] changed up a couple of the homepage graphics and added a couple things to the jummbox page

[1.7.2023] happy july everypony ^_^ I just tidied up a few things on the homepage and added a new song to the music player

[30.6.2023] messed around with the widgets on the side

[28.6.2023] started actually using my goodreads, so i chucked a link to it up in the navi

[26.6.2023] added an archive page to the jungle to store some old chiptune stuff i used to make

[22.6.2023] to be real with you i just spent like an hour messing around with the homepage and aside from adding an imood status thing i have no fucking idea what i actually did

[21.6.2023] new blog post! also edited the splatoon shrine a bit more

[19.6.2023] BONUS UPDATEEEEEE I mostly finished the splatoon shrine after literally months of neglect. THUMBS UP !!!

[19.6.2023] attempted to fix up more of my fucked up code from last year (to varying levels of success LOL)

[18.6.2023] MORE file transfer stuff done, as well as a general touchup of the homepage

[16.6.2023] Transferred some more files over to neocities + buffed skeletons

[15.6.2023] Updated the music page and the about page, as well as started working on transferring all my site resources to neocities instead of hosting them on catbox (should make everything i move over load a bit faster)

[5.6.2023] Did a bit of housekeeping + added some more stamps to the graphics page

[2.6.2023] happy pride month!

[23.5.2023] new blog post! also finally revamped the music page after about 6 months of neglect

[13.5.2023] placed a new monkey gallery somewhere on the homepage and added another track to the music player

[24.2.2023] long time no update ! added a new song to the music player as well as another blog post

[21.1.2023] Replaced the status div with my backloggery stats. Might find another use for it later, but for now I'll keep it as is ^_^

[20.1.2023] updated the website

[12.1.2023] Changed the old "cool sites" box into a storage for a couple misc pages that I didn't feel fit anywhere else.

[9.1.2023] After nearly 2 months I fixed the fucked up positioning of the stickers near the header so they should render properly now regardless of screen size.

[8.1.2023] the jerma hat simulator is finally out

[6.1.2023] The blog is now public ^_^ plus I tidied up a couple more things on the homepage!!

[5.1.2023] Made some progress on the still mostly-private blog page, and updated a few things on the homepage.

[3.1.2023] Added a regular pride flag to the bottom of the page ^_^

[30.12.2022] Put a small little message box at the bottom of the page, in place of an actual blog or anything similar.

[27.12.2022] Threw a last.fm widget into the sidebar & touched up the Celeste shrine some more.

[26.12.2022] Added the Celeste shrine to the shrine page! Still need to add one or two more things to it but I think I've done enough to warrant making it public ^_^

[23.12.2022] turned autoplay back on

[20.12.2022] Started work on a homepage for some future shrines & turned off autoplay on the music player.

[18.12.2022] Finished the resource page! It's also temporarily replaced the music page while I take that one in for some repairs.

[17.12.2022] Put some new stuff onto the graphics page, and added the yesterweb widget to the sidebar ^_^ thanks yesterweb!!

[12.12.2022] Added a page to store all my collected graphics (blinkies, buttons, etc)

[11.12.2022] Added an about page

[10.12.2022] Happy one month anniversary! ^_^

[08.12.2022] Messed with the site's index page and added a player to the music page. I still think there's more I could do with the first page, so I doubt it'll stay like that forever.

[06.12.2022] Worked on the music page for a bit and changed up a few things w the intro textbox

[05.12.2022] Vaguely finished the sitenav and the button link, though i might come back to them later

[04.12.2022] Started work on a site navi and a way to link the site's button to other pages + added some new buttons n images to spice up the place

[02.12.2022] Put a chatbox into the sidediv ^_^

[30.11.2022] Started work on the music page, and cleaned up the code (again)

[28.11.2022] Added a to do list, an update div, some images, and tidied up the code

[27.11.2022] Created the "Currently" div to share what sorta stuff I'm up to

[26.11.2022] Made a gateway page, added a visitor counter, tidied up the site and fixed a few positioning errors

[22.11.2022] Added inner divs to the main container

[16.11.2022] Added some blinkies, site redirects, and graphics to the top

[10.11.2022] Site Created!