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• Transfer files to neocities

• Rework the music page

• Also rework the blog page

• get sillay

[1.10.2023] did a bit of housekeeping

[14.9.2023] added some more links to the resource page

[11.9.2023] updated the music page

[9.9.2023] mysterious secret update (not really)

[7.9.2023] added another track to the jummbox page!

[1.9.2023] updated the track in the beepbox webring widget !

[27.8.2023] minor touchups around the place, + finally finished the jungle, for now (?)

[25.8.2023] new homepage song ^_^

[24.8.2023] updated the music page! + added a new track to the jummbox collection

[21.8.2023] a whole bunch of small changes, but in terms of big stuff, i linked the fire emblem shrine on the navi, and also worked on it enough to consider it Sort Of Done but Not Really for now? also made a page to archive all my update logs at the bottom of this container

[20.8.2023] started working on a fire emblem shrine, changed up a few bits on the about page, and probably more that i can't remember? also i need to clean out this update box theres like 50 lines of text in here

[16.8.2023] new blog poastttt + i made a 20 second long survey abt the site! no pressure to take it but its there if u want to waste some time ^_^

[12.8.2023] finished the photo page, messed with the jummbox page layout, and added both of the two to the navi just above here.

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